Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I'm not really a big fan of New Year's Resolutions, on the whole... mostly because I've failed at them so often. So this year, I didn't make any, but ideas have still been popping up in my head over the last few days.
So here are some things that I want to at least try this year:
  1. Start swimming again. I played water polo for most of my adolescence, but after I hurt myself, I just stopped, and swimming pretty much stopped with it. I don't want to do it competitively again or anything, but I just miss the water... So I need to plan out time and make myself start, hoping I'll get hooked enough to keep doing it.
  2. Watch a movie for every day of the year. I saw a post about this on tumblr, and as someone who doesn't really watch a lot of movies, I want to try it. There are so many great movies out there that people talk about... and I haven't seen a lot of them, and I want to. I just never allocate time for them, and end up not caring enough to do it. I have Netflix, why not use it more. I'm obviously starting late, but I want to try to watch a lot of the awesome movies that are out there. I probably won't actually watch this many, but hopefully the goal will remind me that they are an option when I am bored.
  3. Temper my obsessions.  I tend to pick up obsessions for short periods of time, only to have them fade out and die because I go overboard. There have been a lot of things that I enjoyed that I stopped because I got burnt out, and while I sometimes come back to them, they often fizzle out again. This includes, blogging (the first time around), knitting, video games (which come and go), baking, and biking. I don't want it to happen to things like comics, board games, and blogging (this time around), so I want to try to give my hobbies some space when necessary, which I guess includes the two resolutions above - I want to do them, but not the the extent that I burn out 3 months in. 
  4. Figure out what I'm doing with my life. I graduate in June, and I need to figure out what I want to do for the next couple of years... I'm figuring out what my employment situation is going to look like, where I am going to live, and so much more. It's kind of overwhelming, but I have to do it.
  5. Be more outgoing. 2011 was the year I decided to be more social, and I kind of succeeded. I went and tried new things, and made new friends, and I really enjoyed a lot of it, but I still pretty shy in most social situations - I tend to only talk when I don't give a shit about the people around me (other than the people who are already my friends and don't care). It's really hard for me to start a conversation with someone new, and I want to keep pushing that boundary and become less awkward (ok, that last part is never happening...).
  6. Actually engage in online communities. I tend to lurk around, or just kind of sit in my own world, and I want to stop doing that. This is kind of related to #5, but on the internet instead of in person. I see all of these people making good friends online, and while I've done that to some extent, it took a lot of time, and it was a couple of years ago. I have so much investment of time in the internet, I want to have more with other people with whom I share interests.
  7. Try new things. There are so many things I talk about wanting to do - learn to shoot a gun, play paintball, learn to ride a motorcycle, go on an epic road trip, etc., but I don't go out and do them. This year, I want to try and do as many as I can.
  8. Keep being happy. More than anything else, 2011 was the first full year where I was happy with myself and my life. I had friends that I love, and I loved myself and started to care less about my insecurities. I'm not saying they aren't there, but they are secondary to the great things happening in my life, be it an awesome TV show, talking comics with friends, or baking ridiculous amounts of chocolate things. I want to keep this up in 2012, and keep not stressing the things that don't matter.
So that's what I want out of this year...
I'll eventually finish my "Best of" comics posts, as well as one talking about my anticipated comics of this year (that one might be today).  

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