About Me..

I'm a 21 year old student studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.
I grew up a voracious reader, and while how much I read wanes and waxes, I don't doubt I'll always be a dedicated reader.
However, I want to keep track of how much I am reading, and decided broadcasting it for all to see would be the best method, for some reason.
I spent about 5 months trying to blog about books, but I overwhelmed, so now I'm mostly just doing this for myself.
While this is nominally a blog about my books, I am a well rounded nerd, so there'll be consistent posts about comics, and less frequent posts about things like video games, board games, awesome science things, and tv and movies (ok, there will probably be a lot of Doctor Who).
I also like to bake, and on a mission to have a grilled cheese sandwich at every restaurant that serves them in my town. So be ready for those posts, because they will come.

Blog News

Welcome to my blog. I like to talk about books. And comics. And other nerdy things. Also, chocolate, cheese, and bread. I am a fan of all of those things. Hopefully you are too.